Tian Gu - Juejun Hu Research Group, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Tian Gu

Juejun Hu Research Group 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Tian Gu is a research scientist at the Materials Research Laboratory and Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, where he is the co-investigator of the Photonic Materials Research Group.  His research interests involve nano-/micro-optics, integrated photonics, and photonic materials, focusing on the areas of metasurface flat optics, imaging and sensing, on-chip spectroscopy, optical phase change materials, data communications, photovoltaics, flexible photonics, and 2-D materials integrated photonics. Tian received his BS from the Beijing Institute of Technology in electrical engineering, and his PhD from the University of Delaware in electrical and computer engineering. He is a recipient of the SPIE Rising Researcher Award, R&D 100 Award, and the TechConnect National Innovation Award. 

Contact: gutian@mit.edu