Rébecca Kleinberger - With Professor Satrajit Ghosh, MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Rébecca Kleinberger

With Professor Satrajit Ghosh
MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Rébecca Kleinberger is a creative technologist and voice researcher at the McGovern Institute and Media Lab at MIT. She studies the voice beyond words to create experiences within individuals, between people, and across species. Her work spans from assistive technology to vocal experiences design, including inner-voice experiences. Her research connects various fields, including wearable computing, human-computer interface design, machine learning, neurology, and psychology. In her research, as in her TED-featured talk, Rébecca aims to raise awareness on the richness of the voice, our relationship with our own voice (and the voices of others), and the potential of using the voice to access the mind.

She is completing a postdoctoral fellowship with the Senseable Intelligence Group at the McGovern Institute at MIT, developing music-based voice feedback systems for creative and therapeutic applications. She received her PhD from the Opera of the Future group at the MIT Media Lab, where she studied the future of voice technology. She also received a Master’s in Engineering from ENSAM Paris, a Master’s in Virtual Environment and Computer Graphics from UCL in London, and a Master’s in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT.

Contact: rebklein@mit.edu