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Ravi Rasalingam

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Dr. Ravi Rasalingam is a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School, a current MIT Catalyst Fellow, and entrepreneur in residence and cardiologist at the Boston Veterans Affairs Medical center. Originally from New Zealand, where he completed a degree in medicine, Ravi trained in cardiology in the United States and was a faculty member in the Division of Cardiology at Washington University in St. Louis for seven years. As a clinical expert and educator in echocardiography and advanced cardiac imaging, he has lectured in the area of novel uses of ultrasound to evaluate advanced heart failure therapies in several national forums. His main area of research focus is in health technology and the role of innovation to disrupt current health practices. He is participating in two Catalyst Phase 2 projects, and has been the recipient of a Veterans Affairs seed award to further develop novel technology that can benefit veteran patients.

Contact: ravras@gmail.com