Anna Jagielska - Krystyn Van Vliet Group, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Anna Jagielska

Van Vliet Laboratory for Material Chemomechanics
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Anna Jagielska is a Research Scientist in the Department of Material Science and Engineering at MIT. Her research focuses on understanding how the biophysical cues in the central nervous system drive function of neural cells in health and disease, with an ultimate goal to develop therapies for neurodegeneration. Her pioneering research demonstrated the critical role of physical cues in the differentiation of neural stem cells and in neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. Anna also develops material-based disease models and tools to study neural cells.

Anna has developed an artificial axons platform, synthetic mimics of neuronal axons for studies of myelin diseases and drug screening, and is currently working toward commercialization of this technology.